MAS 2011 Proceeding

Simulations of liquid film flows with free surface on rotating silicon wafers (RoWaFlowSim)

Authors:   Markus Junk, Frank Holsteyns, Felix Staudegger, Christiane Lechner, Hendrik Kuhlmann, Doris Prieling, Helfried Steiner, Bernhard Gschaider, Petr Vita


For application in the semi-conductor industries, the flow on a rotating disk (wafer) is studied numerically. A systematic validation of available variations of the Volume-of-Fluid (VoF) scheme for this two-phase flow problem is done. To make larger parameter variations of this problem with a moving fluid supply possible, a code based on the thin-film approximation is developed. To better understand possible physical mechanisms for the removal of nano-particulate contaminations from a wafer, another code to study the detachment of submicron particles exposed to shear flows is developed and validated. An immersed boundary method with direct forcing is implemented. The particle-wall interaction is treated with a soft contact model.

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