MAS 2008 Proceeding

Simulation of the GOMS keystrock level model using DEVS

Authors:   Ali Mroue, Jean Caussanel


In this paper, we describe our approach for thesimulation of GOMS model. The GOMS modelscharacterized human interaction as a goal-directedsearch, or as general problem solving, in which theshortest route to any goal was considered the mostefficient. DEVS is a formalism used to representDiscrete Event System Specifications; it can representcomplex systems in an effective way.The DEVSformalism is a powerful tool for model simulation. Inorder to simulate GOMS models in an effective way, wepropose a method to transform GOMS models to DEVSmodels in order to simulate and improve them. In thispaper we will propose the transformation of theKeystroke-Level Model for GOMS into DEVS.

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