MAS 2008 Proceeding

Project of an agv transport system through simulation techniques

Authors:   Vincenzo Duraccio, Domenico Falcone, Alessandro Silvestri, Gianpaolo Di Bona


The aim of the present work is the application ofsimulation techniques to the project of the handlingsystem of a semiautomatic line for the assembly ofelectrical switches. In particular, we have studied anAutomatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) transport system.The maximum assembly capacity is 48 units per hour:- Switches single-pole: 25%, 12 units;- Switches 2 poles: 25%, 12 units;- Switches 3 poles: 50%, 24 units.A main line has been designed in order to connect thefollowing stations:? An input station for the loading of components for theassembly of each kind of product;? Two machines for the preparation of subgroups;? A machine characterized by two stations: assemblingand testing of all products (physical, electrical andmagnetic);? Two final warehouses; one of finished products andanother of products sent back to the testing station by anoperator (inspector), through an handling system.We have a worker in each working centre.

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