MAS 2008 Proceeding

A sequential heuristic programming approach for a corrugated box factory: tradeoff between setup costs and trim waste

Authors:   P. Zouein, J. Diab


This paper considers a corrugator trim problem for a cardboard boxes manufacturing plant that produces boxes of various sizes for a finished goods inventory that services known customer demand. We present a suboptimal three-step procedure that considers minimizing both trim waste cost and setup time cost where setup cost is measured as the loss of production resulting from stock rolls size changes. The procedure leads to the least-cost method of combining customer orders on the corrugator and the optimal corrugator width to use over an entire shift. The proposed method was motivated by our analysis of the day-to-day scheduling of the corrugator at the UniPaK facility one of the leading manufacturer of cardboard boxes in Lebanon. This paper concludes with an application of the proposed method to derive a lower cost corrugator schedule at UniPak.

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