MAS 2011 Proceeding

Restoring Aquatic Ecosystems on the Basis of the GMAA DSS

Authors:   Antonio Jiménez, Alfonso Mateos


The Generic Multi-Attribute Analysis System is a decision support system based on an additive multi- attribute utility model that is intended to allay many of the operational difficulties involved in the multicriteria decision-making process. In this paper we illustrate the application of this decision support system to the restoration of aquatic ecosystems in two contamination scenarios simultaneously taking into account several conflicting objectives, like environmental, social and economic impacts. In the first scenario, the contamination is by radionuclides produced, for instance, by a nuclear plant accident / disaster, like the Chernobyl or, more recently, Fukushima disasters. In the second scenario, intervention strategies are selected to combat eutrophication and the sharp decline in the bird population in Ringkøbing Fjord (Denmark).

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