MAS 2011 Proceeding

Command Feedback and Response (CFR) ? the Evolution of Command and Control in an Immersive and Interactive Environment (C2I2)

Authors:   Marco Biagini, Michele Turi


According to the NATO NEC C2 Maturity Model, there are two key factors about evolution of C2 operational function in the 21st century ? the extreme uncertainty of next decades military missions space; ? the DOTLMPFI military transformation approach, related to Institutions and Actors in the Information Age, about the ability to leverage new information technologies in a JIIM context. This complex and dynamic environment will affect next generation of digital C2I systems that should be integrated with analysis capabilities and M&S technology in a full interoperable environment. The authors introduce a new theory about the leverage of the C2 operational function referred to strong requirements to implement more agile capabilities to support operational planning and decision making processes. This paper, applying the Command, Feedback & Response theory, will present a research and study activity about the impact of an immersive/interactive environment, that the authors named ?C2I2 bubble?, to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness in the cognitive-sensorial and social domains. In this sector the authors have considered the most advanced technology for information visualization, using Augmented Reality techniques and advanced HMI for remote collaboration.

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