MAS 2011 Proceeding

Modeling Logistics & Operations in a Port Terminal for Environmental Impact Evaluation and Analysis

Authors:   Marina Massei, Francesca Madeo, Francesco Longo


The research proposes a new methodology to analyze and evaluate the Environmental Impacts (EIs) and efficiency on Operations & Logistics by using Modeling and Simulation (M&S). In particular the authors developed models for analyzing these aspects and create the GreenLog (Green Logistic) simulation framework based on web technologies in order to define and evaluate environmental impacts (i.e. air emissions, power consumption, etc.) over supply chains and logistics networks. GreenLog allows to estimate quantitatively all the different EIs in order to evaluate different strategies and solutions for improving the supply chain in term of efficiency and sustainability, including productivity and costs aspects. As matter of fact, in this context, it is critical to identify effective and competitive solutions able to reduce EIs (i.e. resources consumption, garbage/waste disposals, noise, discharges, spills) without loosing efficiency and competitiveness. In this paper the authors propose a case study, in order to evaluate EIs within a port terminal and to compare different solution over different KPIs

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