MAS 2011 Proceeding

Modeling Psychological Messages and Their Propagation

Authors:   Colette Faucher


In the context of the stabilization phase of modern conflicts, actions of influence are essential and take precedence over combat actions. Among those actions, psychological operations (PSYOPS) are the most important for influencing info-targets by spreading a message that they must read, listen to and understand for them to adopt the desired behavior, which is made by the modification of their attitudes by acting on their perceptions. In this article, the author thoroughly analyzes the different parameters that describe psychological operations (info-targets, means of conveyance, expected behaviors and feelings and so on) as well as the way messages are propagated through social networks. This study is carried out in the context of the system CAPRICORN, whose goal is to assess psychological effects of combat actions, CIMIC actions and psychological actions of the coalition on the allied forces, the actors of the threat and the population, in the framework of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

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