MAS 2011 Proceeding

Object-Oriented Model of Fixed-Bed Drying of Coffee Berries

Authors:   Emilio de Souza Santos, Paulo Cesar Corrêa, Brian Lynn Steward, Daniel Marçal de Queiroz


The aims of this work were to validate a new model of a fixed-bed drying process with experimental data, compare this model with a traditional one (MSU Model), and analyze the sensitivity of each model parameter. A low level model of a thin-layer was developed, based on mass and heat balance between the drying air and the product. It also considered the product physical properties variation during drying. Thus a high level model was created by connecting four thin-layer models, in order to represent a thick layer. The proposed model was validated by the analysis of model performance index between the experimental data and simulated results. Finally, the efficiency indexes of the proposed model and the MSU model were compared. The models and the simulation were done using OpenModelica ® 1.6.0, based on the Modelica language. The proposed model had shown good performance indexes compared with the MSU model.

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