MAS 2011 Proceeding

Logical Operator Usage in Structural Modelling

Authors:   Ieva Zeltmate


Structural modelling is an approach that is developed to support expert`s knowledge acquisition and representation in the process of complex system analysis, design and modelling. The framework of several integrated structural models is used to capture and manage knowledge about specific system morphology, operations, and behaviour under certain operating conditions. To minimize expert?s workload, once acquired knowledge must be automatically transformed between related structural models. Methods for structural model transformations are used to keep important system characteristics and conectedness between system components and functionality. In this paper special cases of structural model transformations are described. In models additional elements called logical operators are used. The goal of logical operator usage is to depict in structural models possible combinations and operation compatibilities that exist between real system components. The formal method that allows transform and use logic operators between models is described and examples of structural model transformations are given.

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