MAS 2011 Proceeding

Advanced Design of a Static Dryer for Pasta with Simulation Tools

Authors:   Mattia Armenzoni, Federico Solari, Davide Marchini, Roberto Montanari, Gino Ferretti


In this work, a scientific approach was applied to the drying of pasta in order to obtain a simulative model for this particular industrial process. At first, it was simulated the evolution of temperature and internal moisture inside a simple geometry product (spaghetti), using a Finite Difference Model (FDM) simulation, implemented in Microsoft Excel. In this way, it was possible to produce a spreadsheet that automatically calculates temporal progression of temperature and moisture in spaghetti of infinite length. Then, the results obtained were subsequently validated through the comparison with a real industrial case; Later, it was analyzed a layout of static dryer for pasta, in this case various design parameter were determined through CFD.

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