MAS 2011 Proceeding

Evaluation of Climate-Efficient Cross-Company Logistics Models based on Discrete Event Simulation

Authors:   Christian Hillbrand, Susanne Schmid


Manufacturers shifting production facilities to low- wage countries are usually facing new challenges in transport and logistics management. In practice, two possible approaches to deal with these issues come into consideration Building up cross-company logistics models within regional clusters and integrating intermodality into transport chains. These concepts do not only lead to an increase of efficiency and reduction of transports through bundling effects but also to a reduction of overall emissions. Yet, the implementation requires integral planning and evaluation models for a holistic perspective of the developed transport chains. In this paper we describe a novel approach for the analysis of multimodal cross-company logistics models based on discrete event simulation. The potential of the proposed simulation and evaluation model is illustrated in the form of a case study of an automotive cluster in the Romanian Timis region.

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