MAS 2011 Proceeding

Sheeting Process Modelling and Rheological Analysis of an Olive-Oil-Emulsion-Based Puff Pastry

Authors:   Francesca Romana Lupi, Noemi Baldino, Lucia Seta, Domenico Gabriele, Bruno de Cindio


Different foodstuffs, like pastries, are commercialised in the form of laminated sheets; sheeting is, in several cases (i.e. puff pastries), the main process step in which fat/dough rheological matching is achieved. Pastries are baked goods produced to complement the flavour of the fillings and to provide them with a casing. Their ingredients include hard fats hydrogenated with catalytic processes. Unfortunately, these processes lead to the formation of trans fats dangerous for consumers? health. Therefore, hydrogenated fats are nowadays replaced by healthy fats, like olive oil, properly structured to be used as solid fat replacers. The present work deals with the modelling of the sheeting process of olive-oil-based puff pastries; this allows their final height to be predicted. The rheological parameters necessary to set the model were obtained by the analysis of a pastry produced with water-in-olive-oil emulsions, structured with an organogelator agent, and optimised from a rheological point of view.

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