MAS 2011 Proceeding

Dynamic Simulation Based Design of Powered Support in Integrated Mechanized Coal Mining

Authors:   Zhifeng Dong, Guozhu Liu, Jian Wang, Jiangang Qian, Shouxiang Zhang, Dongsheng Bao


Powered support is one of the key equipments in the integrated mechanized coal mining. The kinematics equations of powered support are presented and the optimum model is built. The simulation and optimization improve the original design greatly. Force analysis is made and force balance equations of main parts are deduced. Computer program and software are developed to derive solutions to calculate the interact forces of the powered support. The dynamic simulations are made for powered support in different working conditions. The results show the variations of loads of the roof and the floor acting on canopy and base, and the variation forces of the front and the back linkages as the height of powered support increases. The simulation based design of powered supports have achieved great success in the application of integrated mechanized coal mining in Pingsu mines of Zhongmei Group in China.

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