MAS 2011 Proceeding

PLC Code Processing for Automatic Simulation Model Generation

Authors:   Gergely Popovics, András Pfeiffer, Botond Kádár, Zoltán Vén, László Monostori


One of the most widespread techniques to evaluate various aspects of a manufacturing system is discrete- event simulation (DES) (Banks 1998, Law and Kelton 2000, O?Rielly and Lilegdon 1999). However, building a simulation model of a manufacturing system is a difficult task and needs great resource expenditures. Automated data collection and model buildup can drastically reduce the time of the design phase as well as support model reusability. Since most of the manufacturing systems are controlled by low level controllers (e.g., PLCs, CNCs) they store structure and control logic of the system to be modeled by a DES system. The paper introduces an ongoing research of PLC code processing method for automatic simulation model generation of a conveyor system of a leading automotive factory. Results of the validation process and simulation experiments are also described through a case study.

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