MAS 2011 Proceeding

Mechanical Damage to Navy Beans as Affected by Moisture Content, Impact Velocity and Seed Orientation

Authors:   Feizollah Shahbazi


The objective of this experiment was evaluate of impact damage to navy beans where seed moisture content, velocity of impact and seed orientation were independent variables. The study was conducted under laboratory conditions, using an impact damage assessment device. The results indicated that impact velocity, moisture content and seed orientation were all significant at the one percent level on the physical damage in seeds. Increasing the impact velocity from 5 to 15 m/s caused an increase in the mean values of damage from 0.17 to 32.88%. The mean values of seed damage decreased by 1.96 times, with increase in their moisture content from 10.03 to 14.98%. However, by a higher increase in the moisture from 14.98 to 24.89 %, the mean value of damage showed a non-significant increasing trend. It was found that the relationship between beans mechanical damage with moisture content and velocity of impact was non-linear and the percentage damage to seeds was a quadratic function of moisture content and impact velocity, respectively. Impacts to the end of the seed produced the higher damage (20.615) than side of the seed (11.14%)

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