MAS 2011 Proceeding

Part I: Mothballing (Asset Preservation) of a Crude Oil Gathering Center

Authors:   Musleh Al-Otaibi, Abdul-Hassan Mohammed


Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) produces Crude Oil from various fields and adjusts the production rates in order to meet OPEC's quota. Due to expected weak Crude Oil demand worldwide following the global economic crisis in 2008, KOC is considering equipment Preservation by Mothballing one or more GGs in S&EK assets in such a way that the GC would be readily available to be put back in operation when required. The success or failure of mothballing the facilities depends on a number of factors such as ? Shutdown duration, preparation and removing all process materials. ? Responsibility allocation for proper implementation of the Mothballing Procedure. ? Materials and equipment used during the preservation. ? Maintaining & recording the preservation conditions during the idle period. ? Personnel expertise in mothballing materials proper implementation. ? Safety programs and active routine audits..

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