MAS 2008 Proceeding

Modelling agricultural production systems using an ?Action-Flow-Stock? ontology

Authors:   François Guerrin


This contribution depicts an approach enabling agricul- tural production systems to be represented at various spatial-temporal scales and organization levels single plot or workshop, whole farm, group of farms within a territory, supply chain. This approach is based on an ?Action-Flow-Stock? ontology according to which each production unit is represented by a stock subject to fill- ing-emptying actions controlled by conditions derived from states or events locally observed on some proc- esses. Whereas stocks are computed as continuous vari- ables, actions are represented by dynamical discrete functions. The models built with this ontology, what- ever the formalization framework used to implement them (systems dynamics, multi-agents systems, timed automata), aim at dynamically simulating both the ma- terial flows and the human activities within agricultural production systems. The intended use of such models is to help agricultural stakeholders design and assess ac- tual or potential management strategies in the light of the new concerns brought by the sustainability issues.

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