MAS 2008 Proceeding

Integrated planning and control on Ro-Ro terminals

Authors:   Bernd Scholz-Reiter, FelixB÷se, Michael Teucke, Jakub Piotrowski


In vehicle logistics several logistics service providers are involved across the process chain ranging from transport of new vehicles to the automobile terminal via storage and technical modifications on the terminal to delivery of the vehicles to the customer. Today, coordination of the process executors is marked by a short planning horizon, as none of the involved parties have access to all necessary planning information of the entire process. Currently no integrated process design of the logistic chain is executed. This contribution deals with developing an integrated planning and control method for collaborative vehicle logistics processes. The method considers both vehicle terminal processes as well as transport processes executed by automobile logistics providers. The logistic effects of applying this method will be determined in a simulation study using discrete event simulation. The method will be implemented in real automobile terminals by means of a prototypical software based control centre.

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