MAS 2008 Proceeding

The web winding system control by the backstepping method

Authors:   Nabila Rabbah,Bahloul Bensassi


In the industry of flat rolled sheet product, strip crown and shape has been one of the most important factors for quality assurance, productivity improvement, cost effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. The transient work roll profile influences load distribution and imprints an undesirable profile on rolled strip. We designate by a winding process any system applying the cycles of unwinding, transport, treatment and winding to various flat products. This system knows several constraints such as the thermal and mechanical effects that generate dysfunctions due to the influence of the process conditions. For this installations type, the various automatisms functions, often very advanced, are realized in modular systems with distributed architecture. In the present paper, a backstepping control technique is proposed. The control variables are velocities and tractions forces along the web winding system. The proposed control law and Lyapunov function guarantee asymptotic stability from all initial values.

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