MAS 2008 Proceeding

Application of simulation modelling to the ship steam boiler system

Authors:   Enco Tireli, Josko Dvornik, Srdan Dvornik


The purpose of this paper is to present the efficiency ofthe application of the system dynamics simulationmodelling (System Dynamics Modelling ‚?? Jay Forrester ‚??MIT) in investigating the behaviour dynamics of the shipsteam boiler. The ship steam boiler is presented inPOWERSIM simulation language through mental ‚??verbal, structural and mathematical ‚?? computer models. Inaddition to the mathematical model for the marine steamboiler, we have as well presented the mathematical modelfor the feed water heater that is fitted in the system. Thesemodels serve as a basis for qualitative and quantitativesimulation models for complex systems.The results presented in the paper have been derived fromthe scientific research project ‚??SHIPBOARD ENERGYSYSTEMS, ALTERNATIVE FUEL OILS ANDREDUCTION OF POLLUTANTS EMISION‚?? supportedby the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of theRepublic of Croatia.

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