MAS 2008 Proceeding

Critical newborn transport in veneto region: models and simulation

Authors:   Francesca Bortolato, Anna Ferrante, Giorgio Romanin-Jacur, Laura Salmaso


The paper studies the problems connected with the transport of critical newborns from their birth centre towards specialized assistance centres, where they can undergo suitable intensive cares. The scope is to analyze whether the employed resources are sufficient for a correct service course; in fact on one side the transport requires apt means and specifically trained personnel, on the other side the structures where critical newborns can be admitted and may receive intensive neonatal cares are few, shall be equipped with special instrumentation and require specialized staffs. Here a simulation model describing critical newborns transport in Veneto Region has been built up and has elaborated data collected in all birth centres. Simulation results revealed that resources of centres with neonatal intensive care units are often insufficient to satisfy all admission requests. The model, implemented in language MicroSaint, is easily extendable to other Italian or foreign regions presenting analogous situations.

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