MAS 2008 Proceeding

Analysis of logistics in supportof a human lunar outpost

Authors:   William Cirillo, Kevin Earle, Kandyce Goodliff, J.D. Reeves, Mark Andraschko, Gabe Merrill, Chel Stromgren


Strategic level analysis of the integrated behavior of lunar transportation system and lunar surface system architecture options is performed to inform NASA Constellation Program senior management on the benefit, viability, affordability, and robustness of system design choices. This paper presents an overview of the approach used to perform the strategic-level analysis, with an emphasis on the logistics modeling and the impacts of logistics resupply on system behavior. An overview of deterministic and probabilistic analysis approaches is provided, with a discussion of the importance of each approach to understanding the integrated system behavior. The logistics required to support lunar surface habitation are analyzed from both ?macro-logistics? and ?micro- logistics? perspectives, where macro-logistics focuses on the delivery of goods to a destination and micro- logistics focuses on local handling of re-supply goods at a destination. An example lunar exploration system scenario is provided to tie the theories of strategic analysis to results generation capabilities.

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