MAS 2008 Proceeding

Considerations on the particular features for process and workflow modeling

Authors:   Victoria Iordan, Alexandru Cicortas


Modeling processes and workflow for complex systemsconstitutes a challenge for designers. The resources thatare used in systems are in limited amounts and thesemust be shared between the processes and workflowinstances activities.Our considerations refer to the need of a data basein that the workflow constituents: instances andactivities must be represented in a data base and alsotheir time evolution. Concerning the resources that areused in the processes and in the workflow instancesexecution must be adequately represented. Twoimportant classes of information systems, WorkflowManagement Systems (WfMSs) and EnterpriseResource Planning (ERP) systems, have been used tosupport e-business process redesign, integration, andmanagement.We intend to propose a model for resourcerepresentation and allocation and as conclusion proposeconsiderations concerning the design of processes,workflows and workflow management systems.This paper is partially supported by the project PNII 91-047/2007.

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