MAS 2008 Proceeding

Decision support system applied to combined freight transport

Authors:   Nicolas Rigo,Alassane Ballé Ndiaye


The reasons for choosing a certain way of transporting goods are dependent on numerous factors. Shippers are interested in reliable logistics and low cost, while authorities are in general more concerned with minimizing the environmental impacts, while accident- free transport is in the interest of all parties involved. This paper aims at elaborating an integrated decision aiding tool regarding the selection of combined transport alternatives according to actual road freight transport situations. Based upon a wide range of criteria covering partly the European transport policies, the integrated tool is made up of two aggregation steps. Firstly, aggregation methods integrate the economic, environmental, safety and logistics related performances of transport scenarios into four global scores. Secondly, an outranking method integrates the global performances into a sustainable transport performance index, expressing the overall performance of transport chains regarding the covered European objectives. Finally, the sensitivity of these indexes is tested.

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