HMS 2014 Proceeding

Passenger slot assignment for airport's security screening

Authors:   Jenaro Nosedal-Sánchez, Miquel A. Piera-Eroles, Rubén Martínez, Núria Alsina-Pujol


Passenger security screening checkpoints (SSC) keep the area beyond the checkpoint sterile of prohibited items. Despite recent developments in screening device technology has increased the ability to detect these threats; the average amount of time it takes to screen a passenger still remains a concern. Due to the impact of the security screening process on the quality service to passenger and its impact on the scheduled departure time, airports have been analyzing different alternatives to improve the ability of screening devices to detect threats and to speed up the flow of passenger through the airport security screening checkpoint. This paper describes a work in progress proposal to improve the passenger flow experience through the SSC by minimizing the queuing time and in some cases transforming the queuing time into waiting time, without investments on extra airport SSC facilities or staff.

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