HMS 2017 Proceedings

The HMS Conference concentrates on applications of simulation and computer technologies to logistics, supply chain management, multimodal transportation, maritime environment and industrial logistics. HMS Conference is a traditional event and it was held successfully worldwide, usually in the surroundings of major international ports.

Proceedings List

An efficient heuristic for multi-objective train load planning: a parameter sensitivity analysis

Authors: H. Heggen, K. Braekers, A. Caris .

Truck gate simulation for inland terminals

Authors: J. Vogl, M. Gronalt.

A simulation approach for the transshipment operations at maritime container terminals

Authors: I. Castilla-Rodriguez, C. Exposito-Izquierdo, R. M. Aguilar-Chinea, B. Melian-Batista, J. M. Moreno-Vega.

Forecast models and hierarchical combined discrete-rate/discrete-event simulation models for parcel service networks

Authors: S. Lang, T. Reggelin, H. Manner-Romberg.

Port competitiveness evaulation by fuzzy logic of major port in Asia

Authors: V. Gosasang, J. Klomperee, P. Kotcharat.

Simulation-based training modules for independent training of employees in the automotive industry

Authors: A. Friedrichs, T. Reggelin, S. Lang, T. Wunder .

A decision support tool for strategic conflict management through assignment of calculated take-off times

Authors: N. Schefers, J.J. Ramos Gonzalez, P. Folch.

Application of discrete-rate based mesoscopic simulation models for production and logistics planning

Authors: T. Reggelin, C. Schauf, S. Lang, D. Weigert.

Railway planning: an integrated approach using discrete event simulation

Authors: C. H. Fernandes de Faria, M. Monteiro da Costa Cruz.

Intermodal logistics: supporting planning and scheduling services of freight forwarder

Authors: F. Longo, L. Nicoletti, A. Padovano, A. G. Bruzzone, A. O. Solis, B. Zaccaro .

Agile solutions & data analytics for logistics providers based on simulation

Authors: A. G. Bruzzone, M. Massei, M. Agresta, K. Sinelshchikov, R. Di Matteo .

Simulation and visualization to support material flow planning in a metal construction company

Authors: G. Neumann, T. Masurat.

The impact of risks on the deliveries of a logging company: simulation model case study

Authors: P. Mensah, Y. Merkuryev, E. Klavins, F. Longo.

Variable-depth adaptive large neighbourhood search algorithm for open periodic vehicle routing problem with time windows

Authors: B. Chen, R. Qu, H. Ishibuchi.

Heuristic optimisation and simulation as decision support for operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms

Authors: F. Mostajeran, P. Joschko, J. Gobel.

Applying Monte Carlo simulation in an indicator-based approach to evaluate freight transportation scenarios

Authors: L. Baumann, F. Behrendt, N. Schmidtke.

The effect of storage and routing policies on picker blocking in a real-life narrow-aisle warehouse

Authors: T. van Gils, A. Caris, K. Ramaekers.

The impact of replenishment frequency on the logistics Cost - A simulation approach

Authors: S. Saad, R. Bahadori.

Reducing workload imbalance in parallel zone order picking systems

Authors: S. Vanheusden, T. van Gils, K. Ramaekers, A. Caris.

A simulation model for estimating the carbon footprint of vehicles in the terminal operating processes

Authors: W. Yang, S. Takakuwa.

Methods and algorithms of ship-building manufactory operation and resources scheduling

Authors: B. Sokolov, V. Zelentsov, N. Mustafin, A. Kovalev, V. Kalinin.

Simulation study on dynamic variable gate setting condition of container port

Authors: Z. Guo, Q. Zhang, W. Wang.

Bunching index for bulk cargo ports

Authors: H.-Y. Xu, X. Fu, R. S. Ragavan, L. J. Suen, X. F. Yin, R. S. Mong Goh.

A branch-and-bound algorithm for the block relocation problem to minimize total crane operation time

Authors: Y. Inaoka, S. Tanaka.

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