HMS 2012 Proceedings

The HMS Conference concentrates on applications of simulation and computer technologies to logistics, supply chain management, multimodal transportation, maritime environment and industrial logistics. HMS Conference is a traditional event and it was held successfully worldwide, usually in the surroundings of major international ports.

Proceedings List

Safety control of Latvian state road network using statistical modelling methods

Authors: Vladimirs Jansons, Vitalijs Jurenoks, Konstantins Didenko.

Information fusion multiple-models quality definition and estimation

Authors: Boris V. Sokolov, Viacheslav A. Zelentsov, Rafael M. Yusupov, Yuri A. Merkuryev.

Analysis of the operations of an intermodal barge terminal

Authors: Lotte Verdonck, An Caris, Katrien Ramaekers, Gerrit K. Janssens.

The intelligent monitoring technology based on integrated ground and aerospace data

Authors: Boris V. Sokolov, Mikhail Yu. Okhtilev, Viacheslav A. Zelentsov, Marina A. Maslova.

A container terminal management system

Authors: Mehdi Najib, Abdelaziz El Fazziki, Jaouad Boukachour.

Whatif: a decision support system for planning and management of rail freight networks

Authors: Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, Matteo Salani, Corrado Valeri, Janos Barta, Simone Croci-Torti, Aldo Croci, Angelo Barbone, Luca Maria Gambardella.

Economic assessment for a RFID application in transfusion medicine

Authors: Gianluca Borelli, Pier Francesco Orrù, Francesco Zedda.

Network data envelopment analysis of container shipping lines

Authors: Sebastián Lozano, Ester Gutiérrez, Salvador Furió, José Luís Salmerón.

Comparative study of multiple criteria methods for choosing cargo transportation mode

Authors: Eugene Kopytov, Dmitry Abramov.

Basic architecture of the "semantically enriched e-working platform"

Authors: Thomas Kern, Gerald Petz.

A parameterized model of multimodal freight transportation for maritime services optimization

Authors: Rosa Rios Prado, Diego Crespo Pereira, Juan Manuel Bastida Sardiña, David del Rio Vilas, Nadia Rego Monteil.

Modeling and evaluation of IDS capabilities for prevention of possible information security breaches in a web-based application

Authors: Pjotrs Dorogovs, Andrejs Romanovs.

Designing two-echelon supply chain using simulation and pricing strategy

Authors: Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Kazemi, Peyman Taki, Seyed Mohamad kazemi.

Interoperable simulation for protecting port as critical infrastructures

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Alberto Tremori, Francesco Longo.

A simulation-based approach for resource management and control: a real case study of a Spanish container terminal

Authors: Carlos Arango, Agostino Bruzzone, Letizia Nicoletti, Pablo Cortes.

Marine ports environmental sustainability: a state of the art overview

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Letizia Nicoletti, Alessandro Chiurco, Rafael Diaz, Emanuela Palaia.

Collision avoidance method for multi-car elevator systems with more than two cars in each shaft

Authors: Shunji Tanaka, Daiki Hoshino.

Time-dependent routing of drayage operations in the service area of intermodal terminals

Authors: Kris Braekers, An Caris, Gerrit K. Janssens.

Conceptual procedure for grouping logistics objects for mesoscopic modeling and simulation

Authors: Markus Koch, Tobias Reggelin, Juri Tolujew.

Analysing the efficiency of an intermodal terminal using simulation

Authors: Katrien Ramaekers, An Caris, Leen Gorissen.

Transformer modeling taking into account hysteresis behaviour

Authors: Wolfgang Baumgartinger, Manfred Kaltenbacher, Mario Jungwirth.

Policy evolution for large scale electric vehicle charging control

Authors: Stephan Hutterer, Michael Affenzeller, Franz Auinger.

Identifying opportunities of co-loading by means of simulation

Authors: An Caris, Tom van Lier, Cathy Macharis, Gerrit Janssens.

Integrated intelligent platform for monitoring the cross-border natural-technological systems

Authors: Yuri Merkuryev, Boris Sokolov, Galina Merkuryeva.

Simulation of the passage of containers through Le Havre seaport

Authors: Abderaouf Benghalia, Jaouad Boukachour, Dalila Boudebous.

Synchronous railway simulation of shunting yards

Authors: Benno Hüttler, Jan Zazgornik, Manfred Gronalt.

Mesoscopic supply chain simulation

Authors: Til Hennies, Tobias Reggelin, Juri Tolujew.

Classification of natural-technogenic objects in remote sensing applications

Authors: Julija Petuhova, Arnis Lektauers, Viacheslav Zelentsov.

Modeling rich and dynamic vehicle routing problems in Heuristiclab

Authors: Stefan Vonolfen, Michael Affenzeller, Stefan Wagner.

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