HMS 2011 Proceedings

The HMS Conference concentrates on applications of simulation and computer technologies to logistics, supply chain management, multimodal transportation, maritime environment and industrial logistics. HMS Conference is a traditional event and it was held successfully worldwide, usually in the surroundings of major international ports.

Proceedings List

Investigation of Financial Flows in Logistics Using Multivariate Statistical Modelling Methods

Authors: Vladimirs Jansons, Vitalijs Jurenoks, Konstantins Didenko .

Using Simulated Sensor Images for Object Recognition of Universal Goods for Automatic Unloading of Containers

Authors: Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Hendrik Thamer .

Logistic Model for the Distribution of Goods in the E-Grocery Industry: a New Adaptation of the Vehicle Routing Problem

Authors: Beatriz García Jiménez, Fernando Gómez González .

An LPV Model for a Marine Cooling System with Transport Delays

Authors: Michael Hansen, Jakob Stoustrup, Jan Dimon Bendtsen .

Efficiency of Triple Left-Turn Lanes at Signalized Intersections

Authors: Khaled Shaaban .

Numerical Modeling of Sediment Transport in Harbors and Study of Planform Effects on Sedimentation

Authors: Seyed Moin Mojabi, Kourosh Hejazi, Mahdi Mohammadi Aragh .

Performance Comparison between Immediate and Nonimmediate Passenger Guidance in Group Control for a Multi-Car Elevator System

Authors: Shunji Tanaka, Takuto Miyoshi .

SIMSHUNT ? A Fast Simulation Tool for Capacity Analysis of Shunting Yards

Authors: Benno Hüttler, Manfred Gronalt, Jan Zazgornik .

Decision Support in a Service Firm

Authors: Mosè Gallo, Teresa Murino, Elpidio Romano, Massimo Fasano .

D²CTS : a Dynamic and Distributed Container Terminal Simulator

Authors: Gaëtan Lesauvage, Stefan Balev, Frédéric Guinand .

SIMCONT ? Theory and Practice in Simulation of Binnenland Container Terminals

Authors: Manfred Gronalt, Hans Häuslmayer, Martin Posset, Thouraya Rojas-Navas .

Impacts of Vendor Managed Inventory on Business Processes - Demonstration and Process Reference Modeling

Authors: Kathrin Reitner, Wolfgang Ortner, Werner Wetzlinger .

GLOBALOG: A simulation case of freight multimodal transportation

Authors: Rosa Rios Prado, Diego Crespo Pereira, David del Rio Vilas, Nadia Rego Monteil .

Bus for HLS Lines in Urban Context

Authors: Domenico Gattuso, Antonio Restuccia .

Modeling the Empty Container Flow: Identifying Primary Influencing Factors Through Scenario Analysis

Authors: Mandar Tulpule, Rafael Diaz, Joshua G. Behr, Francesco Longo .

The Composite Supply Chain Efficiency Model

Authors: Leila L. Goedhals-Gerber, Hendrik Retief Gerber .

A System Dynamics Approach to Modeling the Cost Elements of Chronic Disease Management Interventions

Authors: Rafael Diaz, Mandar Tulpule, Joshua G. Behr .

Pull Production Policies: Comparative Study Through Simulative Approach

Authors: Mosè Gallo, Guido Guizzi, Giuseppe Naviglio .

Application of Tramo-Seats Automatic Procedure for Forecasting Sporadic And Irregular Demand Patterns with Seasonality

Authors: F. Lolli, R. Gamberini, A. Regattieri, B. Rimini, A. Grassi, P. Belluti .

Supply Chain Dynamics: Simulation-Based Training and Education

Authors: Yuri Merkuryev, Jana Bikovska, Galina Merkuryeva .

Modeling and Simulation as Support for Decisions Making in Petrochemical Marine Logistics

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Alberto Tremori, Enrico Bocca, Francesca Madeo, Federico Tarone, Giovanni Gazzale .

Simulation, Analysis and Optimization of container terminals Processes

Authors: Agostino Bruzzone, Francesco Longo, Letizia Nicoletti, Eleonora Bottani, Roberto Montanari .

A Car Sharing System for Urban Areas with Fully Automated Personal Vehicles

Authors: Elvezia Maria Cepolina, Alessandro Farina, Catherine Holloway .

On the optimal safety stock levels in supply networks

Authors: Eleonora Bottani, Gino Ferretti, Roberto Montanari, Agostino Bruzzone, Francesco Longo .

Intelligent Supervision of Autonomous Heavy Vehicles : Application to Maritime Area

Authors: Nizar Chatti, Wissam Khalil, Anne-Lise Gehin, Belkacem Ould-Bouamama, Rochdi Merzouki .

Identification of Constitutive Characteristics for Adaptable Logistics Chains as Basis for an Assessment by Simulation

Authors: Henrik Gommel, Markus Florian, Lothar März, Daniel Palm .

Modelling of Multimodal Freight Transportation System Using Process Approach

Authors: Eugene Kopytov, Dmitry Abramov .

Modelling of Urban Pedestrian Environments for Simulation of the Motion of Small Vehicles

Authors: Elvezia Maria Cepolina, Nick Tyler, Clement Boussard, Alessandro Farina, Catherine Holloway .

Reference Model for the Development of Stock Management in Supply Chains

Authors: Igor Lopes Martínez, Vilma Rodríguez Castro, Martha I. Gómez Acosta, José A. Acevedo Suárez .

Intercompras Containers: an Integrative Tool of the Logistic Infrastructure and Management of Supply Chains

Authors: Vilma Rodríguez Castro, Martha I. Gómez Acosta, Igor Lopes Martínez, José A. Acevedo Suárez .

Evaluation Methodology of the Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit Corridors (BRT) in Livorno Network

Authors: Claudio Disperati, Saverio Gini, Giorgio Ambrosino .

Facilitating Trade and Adoption of the INTRADE IAV in Dublin Port in 2040

Authors: Roisin Murray, Kay McGinley .

Dynamic Model-Based for Intelligent Taffic Optimization inside Seaport Terminals

Authors: Wissam Khalil, Rochdi Merzouki, Belkacem Ould-Bouamama .

Modelling Evaporation Duct Effect in Radar Simulation

Authors: Koray Basbilen, Murat Efe, Orkun Zorba .

Convex Extension of Discrete-Convex Functions and Applications in Optimal Design of Complicated Logistic, Manufacturing and Processing Environments

Authors: Tiit Riismaa .

Extended Great Deluge Approach for the Integrated Dynamic Berth Allocation and Crane Assignment Problem

Authors: Neila El Asli, Thien-My Dao, Séraphin Abou .

Recursive Algorithm for Optimization the Structure of Complicated Logistic, Manufacturing and Processing Environments

Authors: Tiit Riismaa .

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