HMS 2013 Proceedings

The HMS Conference concentrates on applications of simulation and computer technologies to logistics, supply chain management, multimodal transportation, maritime environment and industrial logistics. HMS Conference is a traditional event and it was held successfully worldwide, usually in the surroundings of major international ports.

Proceedings List

Use of modelling for assessment of Latvian road safety and logistics costs minimization

Authors: Vitalijs Jurenoks, Vladimirs Jansons, Konstantins Didenko.

Improving car port terminal efficinecy through modelling and simulation

Authors: James Brucato.

Analysis of the applicability of the public Upper Austrian transport graph for solving a location-allocation problem

Authors: Andreas Pell, Andreas Meingast, Stefan Rotter, Markus Pajones.

Complex objects remote sensing monitoring and modeling for port maritime management

Authors: Boris Sokolov, Vjacheslav Zelentsov, Victor Mochalov, Semyon Potryasaev, Olga Brovkina.

Consideration of some performance of containers? flow at yard

Authors: Maja ?kuric, Branislav Dragovic, Nenad Dj. Zrnic, Romeo Me?trovic.

The network design of China`s northeast cold chain

Authors: Nam Kyu Park, Woo Young Choi, Jian Hui.

An integrated resource-based approach to port and terminal simulation modeling

Authors: Constantin Semyonov.

Model development for the assessment of an international railway corridor ? methodological overview

Authors: Rosa Rios Prado, Diego Crespo Pereira, David del Rio Vilas, Nadia Rego Monteil, Óscar De Gregorio Vicente.

A simulation framework for ships pilots training

Authors: Francesco Longo, Roberto Musmanno, Letizia Nicoletti, Alessandro Chiurco.

Modelling of intermodal networks

Authors: Karl Etlinger, Edith Schindlbacher, Manfred Gronalt.

Management of dangerous goods in container terminal with MAS model

Authors: Mansoriya Hamidou, Dominique Fournier, Eric Sanlaville, Frédéric Serin.

A new robotized vehicle for urban freight transport

Authors: Aiko Dinale, Rezia Molfino, Penghui Huang, Matteo Zoppi.

Simulation assisted design of inductors in power electronics systems

Authors: Daniel Hofinger, Heinz Weinzierl, Mario Jungwirth.

An optimization methodology for the consolidation of urban freight boxes

Authors: Elvezia Maria Cepolina, Alessandro Farina.

Resource allocation in mesoscopic logistics networks simulation

Authors: Til Hennies,Yvonne Boersch, Juri Tolujew, Tobias Reggelin.

Simulation modeling of schemes of cargo trucking between European Union and customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

Authors: Eugene Kopytov, Dmitry Abramov, Michail Savrasov.

The capacitated vehicle routing problem with loading constraints

Authors: Hanne Pollaris, Kris Braekers, An Caris, Gerrit K. Janssens.

Operational control for stacker/reclaimers

Authors: Teus van Vianen, Jaap Ottjes, Gabriel Lodewijks.

Design of the SEEWOP software prototype

Authors: Thomas Kern, Tanja Peschetz, Gerald Petz.

A simulation tool for maintenance processes of offshore wind farms

Authors: Philip Joschko, Andi Widok, Bernd Page.

Ship damage control action simulation using HLA

Authors: Paulo Martins, Rosaldo Rossetti, António Brito.

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