IMAACA 2015 Proceedings

IMAACA will bring experts together for the purpose of presenting and discussing new concepts, methods, techniques, and tools conceived in order to support an integrative interplay of modeling, identification, simulation, system analysis and control theory in all the stages of system design.

Proceedings List

Predictive maintenance based on four parameters on an industrial test bench

Authors: Drishtysingh Ramdenee, Samuel Austin, Michel Guimond, Adrian Ilinca.

Obstacle avoiding strategy of a reconfigurable redundant space robot

Authors: Vijay Kumar Dalla, Pushparaj Mani Pathak.

Linear stability analysis for severe slugging: sensitivity to void fraction correlations

Authors: Gabriel Romualdo Azevedo, Jorge Luis Baliño, Karl Peter Burr.

Model complexity of a cantilever beam: an energy-based approach

Authors: Loucas Louca.

Experimentally validated bond graph model of a brazed-plate heat exchanger (BPHE)

Authors: Marwa Turki, Mohamed Kebdani, Geneviève Dauphin Tanguy, Antoine Dazin, Patrick Dupont.

Gait modelling for a context-aware user-adaptive robotic assistant platform

Authors: Georgia G. Chalvatzaki, Xanthi S. Papageorgiou, Costas S. Tzafestas.

User front-following behaviour for a mobility assistance robot: a kinematic control approach

Authors: George P. Moustris, Athanasios Dometios, Costas S. Tzafestas.

Application of an infinite horizon MPC to a nonlinear open-loop unstable reactor system

Authors: André Shigueo Yamashita, Bruno Faccini Santoro, Márcio André Fernandes Martins, Darci Odloak.

Fault accommodation by inverse simulation through solving a differential algebraic system obtained from a bond graph

Authors: Wolfgang Borutzky.

Steady-state power flow analysis of electrical power systems modelled by 2-dimensional multibond graphs

Authors: Israel Núñez-Hernández, Peter C. Breedveld, Paul B. T. Weustink, Gilberto Gonzalez-A.

Hybridization effect on fuel consumption and optimal sizing of components for HEV

Authors: Mauro G. Carignano, Norberto M. Nigro, Sergio Junco.

Design of a hydraulic turbine control system by numerical optimization

Authors: Roberto Canonico, Renato A. Aguiar, Fabrizio Leonardi.

Battery dynamic model improvement with parameters estimation and experimental validation

Authors: Javier M. Cabello, Eric Bru, Xavier Roboam, Fabien Lacressonniere, Sergio Junco.

Modelling, control and application of dynamic programming to a series-parallel hybrid electric vehicle

Authors: Ivan Miguel Trindade, Agenor de Toledo Fleury.

Modeling, identification and a first control approach on the quality of flames in oil furnaces

Authors: Agenor T. Fleury, Danilo S. Chui, Flavio C. Trigo, Flavius P. R. Martins.

Dynamic analysis and 3D visualization of multibody systems

Authors: Vjekoslav Damic, Maida Cohodar.

Fractional order PI D controller: applied to control a manipulator robot wrist

Authors: Youcef Zennir, Adel Makhbouche.

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