IMAACA 2010 Proceeding

Analysis of renewable energy potential of hybrid systems for dwellings in France

Authors:   Philippe Poulet, Rachid Outbib


In this study, the renewable energy potential for dwellings in France is analyzed. Generally, conventional solution consists in using solar panels and wind generator as energy resource. More precisely, the solar thermal panels are used to produce the thermal energy needs, and electricity is provided by wind generator and photovoltaic solar panels. The goal of this work is to explore an alternative strategy based on an original hybridation of sources. In this alternative solution, a large part of the solar thermal panels is replaced by photovoltaic panels and a heat pump is introduced to ensure a crossover between the thermal energy flow and the electrical energy flow. The simulation results during one year for representative sites in France demonstrate a significant decrease of the missing energy. This clearly establishes that a higher hybridation level improves the capacity of a renewable energy system to become autonomous.

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