ISM 2019 Hotel Room Booking Info

Ariha Hotel

Via Marconi 59, Rende, Cosenza, Italy


Room rate per night

Double room - Single use (wifi, minibar, TV and breakfast included)

55.00 €

Double room - Double use with 1 queen bed (wifi, minibar, TV and breakfast included)

65.00 €

Double room - Double use with 2 separate beds (wifi, minibar, TV and breakfast included)

65.00 €

In order to book your room at the Ariha Hotel, please send an email at the following subject: ISM 2019 - Room Booking Request,

Please be sure to specify in your email that you are a participant of the ISM conference to benefit from the special room rates.

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The University of Calabria has 14 Departments and offers 80 degree courses.

The teaching staff is composed by over 900 academics including full professors, associate professors, researchers and assistant researchers.

This University is one of the few residential university campuses in Italy and one of the largest. Management and services, which include accommodation and leisure facilities for students, are provided by the Centro Residenziale. The residential area includes the Sports Centre, the Health Centre and the Centre for Fine Arts, Music and Performing Arts. Moreover, there is a Post office, a Bank, the Language Centre and several other interdepartmental centers.

The University Library is one of the largest and unique libraries in Southern Italy. It offers a wide range of materials in three different sectors: the scientific, the humanistic and the social-economic sectors. Besides, its attractive interior provides students with pleasant and comfortable study areas.

The academic departments strongly focus their attention on research, which is carried out at both national and international level. Besides, they offer postgraduate programs in several fields of studies, thus offering opportunities of academic development for younger generations.

Research is often financially supported by organizations which are external to the university. Indeed, the University of Calabria provides scientific support for many projects in the Region of Calabria. These projects are often developed in collaboration with other prestigious institutions. As a matter of fact, the University of Calabria is making great efforts to promote the development of the region both at national and international level.

This innovative academic environment is proving to be a successful and ever growing reality in Southern Italy and the Mediterranean area which has been attested to by a recent CENSIS survey. Indeed, the University of Calabria has been ranked in the first places among the big universities (20000-40000 students).

The name chosen for the hotel that we manage evokes a fascinating story, all to be told, which dates back to the dawn of time, in which we found a metaphor for our family. At the time of Moses and Joshua, Jericho was an armored city, a veritable fortress, in the region of Cana, where Jesus performed his first miracle by turning water into wine. At a certain point the Israelites came from the desert, a people of semi-nomads without knowledge or experience of military tactics, which they wanted, indeed they had to conquer the city.

They stood before the mighty, perplexed walls. Then the Lord intervened to explain to them what they had to do. The instructions he gave would make the military experts shake their heads: for six days, the Israelite warriors and seven priests equipped with seven trumpets, with the ark of the covenant, must silently go around the city. But on the seventh day they had to go around seven times, first in silence again, but then the priests playing their trumpets with a cry of war. They did exactly that and this led to success: the walls of Jericho collapsed in a miraculous way and the Israelites were able to conquer the city saving only the House of Raab, a splendid residence available to travelers, the kingdom of hospitality.

The name of Jericho is pronounced Arìha by the Palestinians. It means "fragrant, welcoming" and derives from the Canaanite word "Reah". Another theory holds that the name derives from the word Yareah (sun): this hypothesis is supported by the fact that an ancient cult of the sun was celebrated in that area.

In this story, there are the symbols of our company producing high-quality oil and wine, managed by seven brothers. In it, we rediscovered the scent and hospitality of Calabria, the sun (logo of our company) and even the only building that the Israelites could not destroy without breaking the sacred duty of hospitality: the dwelling available to travelers, a Hotel ante litteram. Finally, last, and not least, a very significant curiosity, almost a sign of chance, destiny or necessity: the anagram of Jericho is iGRECO.

The Special Rate for ISM attendees is valid only by using the Reservation form and includes all taxes, buffet breakfast, use of the swimming pool, fitness centre and free WIFI in all areas




  • Lamezia Terme International Airport is about 70 km from the hotel. There are various ways of getting to Ariha Hotel.
    • Taxi fare from the airport:
    • Approximately EUR 45.
    • Public transport from the airport:
    • Bus: EUR 5-7
    • Train: EUR 5-8

    • Cosenza bus terminal - 10 km

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