ISM 2019 Call For Papers

​Extended Reality for Industry 4.0

Track Description

Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality technologies (called also extended reality or XR) are evolving at very fast pace in terms of display quality and ergonomics, ease of use, interaction design and software tools and algorithms. XR applications will be ubiquitous, and they will deliver benefits in many fields, like maintenance, training, marketing, tourism, medicine and many others to come. However, there are still many research challenges to be addressed, like the lack of well established guidelines, human factors, usability, cybersickness, and social and cognitive aspects.

This Special Track is intended to report on latest innovations and applications of Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality in the contex of Industry 4.0. Both practical and theoretical papers are welcome, as well as case studies and innovative multidisciplinary applications.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Innovative Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality Applications.
  • Case studies and user experience reports.
  • AR\VR design guidelines and implementation of future standards.
  • Human computer interface design, solutions and challenges.
  • Performance comparisons and implications of traditional processes versus VR\AR counterparts.
  • Innovative AR\VR devices, approaches and algorithms.
  • Cybersickness and ergonomics in AR\VR.

We look forward to receiving your paper(s) and to welcoming you at the ISM Conference.

For further information please contact Michele Fiorentino.

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