I3M 2017

Every year, the I3M Multiconference renovates the opportunity to bring together researchers, scientists and practitioners, from the Mediterranean Area, Latin & North Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, who are concerned with Modeling and Simulation in Industry and Academia. As a result of the joint effort of many scientific excellences, I3M is an opportunity to meet and discuss and, as usually happens, constructive debate makes people open up, brings food for thoughts as well as new ways to explore encouraging multi-disciplinary cooperation and collaborations.

This year the I3M Multiconference includes:

The European Modelling &
Simulation Symposium


The International Conference on
Harbour, Maritime & Multimodal
Logistics M&S


The International Conference
on Modeling & Applied Simulation


The International Conference
on Integrated Modeling and Analysis in Applied Control and Automation


International Defense and Homeland Security Simulation Workshop


The International Workshop
on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


The International Workshop
on Simulation for Energy, Sustainable
Development & Environment


The International Food Operations
& Processing Simulation Workshop


McLeod Workshop
Modeling & Simulation Network
New Simulation Project Workshop

The I3M Organization Committee

After so many editions, I3M carries on with the long tradition bringing new ideas, solutions, approaches and plenty more. The I3M Organization Committee is composed by:

Agostino BruzzoneGeneral Co-Chair

MITIM - Genoa Center, University of Genoa, Italy.

Miquel Angel PieraGeneral Co-Chair
Yuri MerkuryevProgram Co-Chair
Francesco LongoProgram Co-Chair

MSC-LES, University of Calabria, Italy.

I3M & International Journals

It is a long tradition for I3M to provide opportunities to its Authors to extend their work for being published in International Journals; in fact as one of the most important and successful Simulation appointment, I3M 2017 includes historical conferences such us EMSS and HMS that this years will respectively celebrate the 29th and 19th years edition. Thanks to the invaluable works of the Organizing Committees, International Program Committees, Reviewers and Local Organizers, this year the I3M Multiconference is one of the biggest events of M&S worldwide. So, due to these reasons, several International Journals will publish Special Issues based on a collection of extended versions of best selected papers among those submitted to  EMSS,  MAS,  HMS,  DHSS,  IWISH,  SESDE,  IMAACA,  FoodOPS

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