I3M 2017 Related Events

 I3M Best Paper Awards

I3M Conference delivers, annually, for each conference (EMSS, HMS, MAS, DHSS, IWISH, SESDE FoodOPS ), Best Paper Awards by selecting best contributions based on detailer review process by the International Scientific Committee; the I3M Best Paper Awards are delivered during the conference to selected Authors. All the papers evaluated in the process are considered for being published in original extended version on Special Issues of International Journals related to I3M. In fact I3M, being one of the most important and successful Simulation appointment, includes several classical and very high qualified Conferences such us EMSS and HMS (respectively 26th Edition for EMSS and 16th edition for HMS). Thanks to the invaluable works of the Organizing Committees, International Program Committees, Reviewers and Local Organizers, I3M Multiconference is still one of major scientific events of M&S worldwide. In addition, students paper submissions are evaluated for the Gianni Cantice Award for Gifted Simulation Students. In fact it is a long tradition for I3M to provide opportunities to its best Authors to extend their work for being published in International Journals. So, due to these reasons, several International Journals will publish Special Issues based on a collection of extended versions of best selected papers among those submitted to I3M (EMSS, HMS, MAS, DHSS, IWISH, SESDE, FoodOPS).

 Gianni Cantice Award for Gifted Simulation Students

The Simulation Team Members continue with this Award tradition, established in 2012: the "Gianni Cantice Research Award for Gifted Simulation Students" . The Award Winner will be announced during I3M, in Wien, as best simulation student among the applicants; the Award is entitled to Col.Cantice as recognition for his long activity in Simulation. The Gianni Cantice Award Winner will receive the Award Certificate, a financial contribution and the opportunity to spend a period in a M&S Excellence Center world wide, as visiting researcher of the Simulation Team. The Master and PhD students interested, in applying for this competition, need to submit their application, as described on the website (Resume, Recommendation and Original Student Scientific Paper), to Dr. Marina Massei (massei@itim.unige.it) before the deadline. Please visit the web site www.liophant.org/i3m/cantice for further information.

 I3M Exhibitors & Media Partners

I3M exhibition provides an unique opportunity to Simulation Companies & Vendors for presenting their innovative solutions to a wide audience; I3M2011 in Rome involved about 500 attendees and Industrial Sponsors representing large corporations, high-tech companies and Small & Medium Size Enterprises such as Presagis, CAE, Cal-Tek, Mast, Aegis. In addition to the Industrial Sponsors it is very interesting the possibility to become an I3M Media Sponsor; for additional info on these issues please check the Sponsorship Package, contact Dr. Marina Massei or I3M Services.

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I3M 2017 Industrial Sponsors

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