The ISM 2023 conference will be held in a hybrid format, meaning that all the plenary and parallel sessions will be held in person and live-streamed online on Microsoft Teams, where online participants will not only be able to watch and listen to the talks but also interact with the participants on site and give their talk.


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Keynote Talks

Keynotes are here! Take a look at the exciting lineup for ISM. Keynotes present diverse, visionary speakers who deliver the most powerful new ideas in the ever-evolving worlds of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.


University of Patras

November 22, 2023 - 11:15 - 13:00

Maintenance 5.0: Improving industrial maintenance based on Prescriptive Analytics and Digital Twin

Maintenance 5.0 represents a transformative approach to industrial maintenance which leverages the power of Prescriptive Analytics and Digital Twin technologies. In this context, maintenance practices evolve from reactive and preventive strategies to proactive, and data-driven strategies. Therefore, with the integration of Prescriptive Analytics, in conjunction with Digital Twin, Maintenance 5.0 empowers industries to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency and cost-efficiency. On the one hand Prescriptive Analytics utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms for the prediction of future failures and the prescription of optimal maintenance actions, and on the other hand Digital Twin facilitates the virtual representation of physical assets. Through real-time monitoring and analysis of asset data, potential faults and performance anomalies can be identified and addressed before they escalate into critical issues. Furthermore, the utilization of Digital Twin enables virtual experimentation, allowing for improved maintenance planning, optimization of resources, and reduced downtime. Therefore, in this keynote talk the key concepts and benefits of Maintenance 5.0 are presented, shedding light on how the convergence of Prescriptive Analytics and Digital Twin can drive future improvements in industrial maintenance practices.

Biographical Sketch

Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics. He is Vice President of Research and Development Council of the University of Patras, Founding Member at the CLEAN AVIATION JU, Director of the Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation. He is Fellow of the CIRP, of the IFAC 5.2, of the IFIP WG 5.7, of the SPEL, and IALF Scientific Committee Member. He is Member of the EFFRA, of the ASME, of the SME, of the IEEE, of the SAE, of the EMIRACLE, and Founding Member of the EASN. His scientific interests are focus on the Advanced Simulation, Design, Planning and Control of Manufacturing Systems and Networks, Robotic Systems, Automation, eXtended Reality, Maintenance, Blockchain and Metaverse. He authored one Elsevier Book in 2022 and is included in the 2% of global top scientists. He has won Best Paper Awards (APMS 2012, IFAC MIM 2022, MDPI Applied Sciences) and the Best presentation Award in 2nd Digital Twin Conference. He is the STC Dn Section Editor in the CIRP CNTPE board and Editorial Board Member and Guest Editor of several Scopus Indexed International Journals. He authored the Book “Design and Operation of Production Networks for Mass Personalization in the Era of Cloud Technology” published in 2022 by Elsevier and he is Authoring a second Elsevier Book entitled “Advances in Manufacturing from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0”to be published in June 2024. He participates as Editorial Board Μember at thirteen (13) International Scientific Journals, as Editor / Guest Editor in eight (8) International Scientific Journals with high impact factor and as co-Editor in the MDPI Topic: Smart Manufacturing and Industry 5.0. More specifically, he is Associate Section Editor-in-Chief of Robotics and Automation in Applied Sciences, Area Editor in Computers & Industrial Engineering and Specialty Chief Editor in Digital Manufacturing Section in Frontiers in Manufacturing Technology. Additionally, he is Editorial Board Member in International Journal of Production Research – IJPR, in Journal of Manufacturing Systems – JMS, in International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing – IJCIM, in Journal of Engineering Design (Advisory Board Member), in Machines, in Advances in Manufacturing, in Mathematical Problems in Engineering of Hindawi, in Journal of Green Manufacturing Open, in Digital Twin, and in Digital Engineering and Digital Twin. He has chaired and organized four Webinars in cooperation with MDPI Applied Sciences and OAE in the area of Human Centric Systems Towards Industry 5.0 and advances in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) towards Industry 5.0. He has also been interviewed by MDPI Encyclopedia. He has authored monographs, book chapters, papers, white papers, and research project reports, has published numerous articles in International scientific journals (peer-reviewed). He has published more than three hundred and twenty (327) scientific papers. The unique citations of his published work exceed 13,500 (h-index 60/i-10 index: 197) according to the databases: Google Scholar, Scopus, and Research Gate.

Telmo G. Santos

NOVA School of Science and Technology

November 22, 2023 - 11:15 - 13:00

Demystifying Misconceptions: A Critical Perspective on Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has sparked significant enthusiasm but also led to overstated claims about its capabilities. This communication aims to provide a critical perspective on the misconceptions surrounding AM technologies and their implications. It will address four key issues commonly associated with AM: (1) the belief that AM represents an entirely new set of manufacturing processes, (2) the notion that AM can fabricate any geometry with any material, (3) the idea that AM will disrupt traditional supply chains, and (4) the assumption that anyone can easily utilize AM. By demystifying these misconceptions, this communication will highlight the realities and consequences of each issue at various levels. While AM offers significant advantages, it is important to recognize that it cannot replace well-established manufacturing technologies entirely. However, the impact and potential of AM are undeniable, and it will undoubtedly shape the future of manufacturing in the coming decades. This communication focuses on essential concepts for manufacturing specialists and can provide valuable insights for researchers exploring logistics, social sciences, and business topics related to AM technologies. Understanding the limitations and advantages of AM is crucial for informed decision-making and successful implementation in the manufacturing industry.

Biographical Sketch

Telmo G. Santos holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (2009). Currently, he is a Full Professor and the head of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the NOVA School of Science and Technology of NOVA University Lisbon (NOVA FCT). He is also the Director of the UNIDEMI research Center and the coordinator of the PhD program in Mechanical Engineering at NOVA FCT. He has authored over 100 publications, specializing in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Advanced Manufacturing. His expertise includes Additive Manufacturing, particularly for metal alloys using Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing, as well as solid-state manufacturing processes like Friction Stir Welding, and hybrid manufacturing processes. Telmo G. Santos holds 9 patents in the field of NDT and manufacturing processes. He serves as the vice-president of the Portuguese Society of NDT, chairperson of the scientific committee of the European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT 2023) and has previously served as an Associate Editor for the journal Measurement.

Regular & Invited Sessions

Regular Sessions cover the topics of the conference and mainly group the papers that fall within a specific research subject and submitted to the regular program. Invited Sessions consist of papers collected within the scope of an Open Track (for the full list of available tracks check the Topics & Tracks section) proposed by one or more organizers. In this case, papers are mainly based on personal invitation by the Open Track organizer(s) but may also include papers submitted to the regular program.

Presentation Formats and Speakers' Instructions

Parallel Sessions (either regular or invited) will last about 1 hour and 30 minutes and may include between 4 and 5 papers. Both sessions provide the opportunity for Authors (both in-person and virtual) to present their work live by sharing their presentations and giving their talk (max 12 minutes) followed by Question & Answers (around 3 minutes). All the blended sessions will be streamed via MS Teams so that virtual attendees can also listen to the presentations being held in the conference physical rooms and interact with the audience in there. This way, also presenting authors attending the conference remotely will be able to share their screen, give their talk and interact with the audience in the conference physical rooms. Presentation template is free.

Special Sessions

Special sessions offer a venue for the presentation of topics of special academic, social or industrial interest, including project presentations, panel discussions or non-technical talks on topics such as research funding, entrepreneurship, or technology transfer.
R&D Projects Dissemination Event @ISM 2023
The ISM 2023 Organization Committee has embraced the vision to make the conference the perfect environment for knowledge exchange and dissemination. In particular, dissemination activities (integrated with communication and exploitation) are essential for the impact and success of R&D projects. Funding bodies (e.g. the EU commission) usually request partners to organize midterm and final dissemination events in order to broadly disseminate the outputs of the project. With this in mind, ISM 2023 is organizing this special “R&D Projects Dissemination Event” dedicated to oral presentations of ongoing or final results of R&D projects in all the areas related to the conference topics. This special event will represent a unique platform for companies, research bodies and universities to:
  • disseminate their project progress and results to the relevant scientific communities, potential investors, stakeholders, regulatory bodies, potential users, and lay audience;
  • find other R&D project partnership opportunities with other speakers or people of the audience.
Tentative presenters should submit the form below by October 1, 2023. An advisory board will assess the submitted summary in terms of adherence to the topics of the Conference. The presenter will be notified about the acceptance for presentation. Please, note that the submitted summaries will not undergo through a technical/scientific peer-review process; hence, project summaries and presentations will NOT be included in the conference proceedings. We have limited slots for presentations, therefore be sure to book your opportunity as soon as possible!

Enjoy your stay

Social Activities

What really connects people at conferences are real live moments, memories and experiences. We are planning the social events and the full conference activities with safety in mind and further information will be soon provided.

Thursday, 23 November 2023

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