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innovations and improvements are required to react quickly to the new trends of the global economy. Over the years, Modeling & Simulation (M&S) has proved to be one of the most effective, beneficial and successful methodologies to investigate and study complex systems belonging to various sectors/areas. Nevertheless, to take full advantage of this technology there are relevant issues that keep challenging the researchers towards even more advanced solutions and approaches where emerging and cutting-edge technologies are absorbed into. M&S is widely and successfully applied in many application domains, ranging from industry to social sciences, from logistics to military, from energy to healthcare; in this sense M&S provides a multidisciplinary perspective where theory and data from different fields can be used to build models and simulations that provide insights in to the system considered.

The 2024 International Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation Multiconference (I3M) will be a platform for knowledge exchange, the review and discussion of theoretical advances, research results, and industrial experiences, among scientists, researchers, decision makers, practitioners and students dealing with the topics under the umbrella of multidisciplinary modeling & simulation.

Therefore, we would like to kindly invite you to take an active part in this conference and in the co-located events that will be held in Tenerife, Spain on September 2024 and explore with us the latest news, views and developments in the exciting world of multidisciplinary modeling & simulation.

I3M 2024 Organization Committee

Key Dates

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I3M 2024 Organization Board

Agostino Bruzzone

I3M General Co-Chair​
University of Genoa, Italy

Yuri Merkuryev

I3M General Co-Chair
Riga Technical University, Latvia

Francesco Longo

I3M Program Co-Chair
University of Calabria, Italy

Miquel Angel Piera

I3M Program Co-Chair
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

I3M 2024 Organization Staff

Vittorio Solina – DIMEG, University of Calabria, Italy

Antonio Padovano – University of Calabria, Italy

Letizia Nicoletti – CAL-TEK S.r.l., Italy

Mohaiad Osman Elbasheer – MSC-LES, University of Calabria, Italy

Cataldo Russo – CAL-TEK S.r.l., Italy

Caterina Fusto – MSC-LES, University of Calabria, Italy

Alessandro Chiurco – DIMEG, University of Calabria, Italy

Virginia D’Augusta – DIMEG, University of Calabria, Italy

Simone Talarico – DIMEG, University of Calabria, Italy

Marco Vetrano – CAL-TEK S.r.l., Italy

Kirill Sinelshchikov – Simulation Team, Italy Antonio Cimino, University of Salento, Italy

Alessio Baratta – MSC-LES, University of Calabria, Italy

Pierpaolo Veltri – MSC-LES, University of Calabria, Italy Karen Althea Manfredi – MSC-LES, University of Calabria, Italy Antonio Nervoso – MSC-LES, University of Calabria, Italy

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