SESDE 2014 Proceeding

Technical concept of a software component for social sustainability in a software for sustainability simulation of manufacturing companies

Authors:   Andi Widok, Volker Wohlgemuth


This paper presents the technical concept and prototype implementation of a component developed for the modeling of social sustainability criteria, as well as the description of a software suite for the simulation of sustainability criteria in producing companies. The simulation software (MILAN) already integrates the classical economical perspective as well as an environmental perspective through the inherit usage of material flow analysis (MFA) and life cycle assessment (LCA) combined in one modeling approach. The newly developed component is intended to allow for a relative free definition of social influence indicators as well as influence functions, which can subsequently be integrated in the same model and thus allow for a rather holistic sustainability simulation approach. As most of the social indicators are still very disputed, as well as dependent on the structure of the entity under observation, the free definition aims to provide the modeler with the needed flexibility to create a model of his interest, while providing him with a strong structural guideline on how the integration of social criteria can be worthwhile.

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