Conference Aims

The 7th WAMS concentrates on Applications of Simulation and Computer Technologies. The WAMS 2014 is organized in the wonderful framework of Istanbul, Turkey and it is a great opportunity for the International Simulation Community to meet together in during September. In fact WAMS is a workshop very effective in networking and very useful to set up new proposals and projects. Worldwide specialists have the opportunity to participate and to interact within this important International Forum on Applied M&S. The audience will include users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to the main application areas and sectors including Industry, Business, Logistics Environment, Services & Defense.

WAMS started as a series of international workshops organized in Latin America, AMS2004 (Rio de Janeiro) and AMS2006 (Buzios); these events were focusing on Application and Theory of Modeling & Simulation.

In the following years, WAMS was organized on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean (i.e. Rio de Janeiro, Italian Riviera), while in 2011, WAMS was co-located with the International Marine Defense Show in St.Petersburg Russia organized in Joint Cooperation with SPIIRAS Russian Academy of Science.
In 2012, WAMS was held in 
Rome in connection with the NATO CAX Forum.

The WAMS 2013 was back in Latin America and it attracted scientists, technicians and experts from world leading Universities, Institutions, Agencies and Companies; indeed WAMS 2013 edition was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was attended by all Latin America Countries as well as by scientists from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

In 2014 WAMS moves in Bosphorous between Asia and Europe in the beautiful town of Istanbul.

WAMS 2014

The International Workshop on

Applied Modeling and Simulation


September 16-17 2014

Ataturk Wargaming and Convention Center

Istanbul, Turkey

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