Blending Simulation with Optimization for Logistics and Transport Systems under a sociotechnical perspective

Simulation and Optimization are techniques that have been being developed for various decades now. Some group of researchers are investigating on ways to couple them so the solutions obtained result more robust and applicable, as in most cases Simulation is an excellent technique to reproduce reality and evaluate different scenarios while optimization generates ideal solutions which result inapplicable in reality. On top of this, these solutions should work on an environment managed (still) by human beings. In this talk I will present some of the approaches that can be applied in logistics and discuss the role of the human for future decision support tools based on these techniques.

Jean-Guy FONTAINE - Brief CV.

Dr. Miguel Mujica Mota is an associate Professor and researcher at the Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. He holds a PhD in informatics and a PhD Operations Research. He is the current president of EUROSIM the Federation of Simulation Societies in Europe and the Chair of the Dutch Benelux Simulation Society. In recent years he founded the International Group on Aviation and Multimodal Transport with renewed Scientifics from different areas for coping with relevant international problems.

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