The 5th International

Mediterranean Modelling Multiconference

Special Issue:
"Modelling & Applied Simulation in Industry and Industrial Logistics"
Based on a collection of best papers to be submitted and presented at the multi-conference I3M 2008 (including EMSS 2008, MAS 2008, HMS 2008)

Guest Editors:

Iván Castilla Rodríguez, Department of Systems Engineering and Automation, and Computer Architecture, University of La Laguna,

Francesco Longo, Modeling & Simulation Center – Laboratory of Enterprise Solutions, Mechanical Department of University of Calabria,


During the last years, the industrial production trend has been characterized by wider networks enterprises (national and international), by global sourcing and by global market. In such a scenario, the dynamic changing behavior of industry processes and the global evolution of the supply chains require continuous research and development advances for guarantying higher competitiveness.

In effect, a wide range of factors affects the behaviour of industrial plants, manufacturing systems, logistics nodes and supply chains. The high number of interacting entities as well as the complexity of the operative processes require to apply ad hoc models capable of considering many stochastic factors interacting and dynamically evolving along the lifecycle of the real-world system being considered.


Starting from these considerations, a simulation-based approach can be considered as the best solution for choosing correctly, understanding why, exploring possibilities, diagnosing problems and transferring scientific results to the real systems. In addition, Simulation usually provides innovative solutions and new user-friendly tools, with special attention to integration into business processes and management.

Modeling & Simulation is a growing research field capable of supporting, as powerful decision making tool, industrial evolution and global supply chain.


The Special Issue focalizes on Modelling and Applied Simulation in Industry and Industrial logistics by considering the application of simulation to new fields, theoretical instruments based on simulation and cross methodological research involving different research area. Authors are kindly invited to include in their papers all the research works, case studies and application both theoretical and applied.


Note: The IJSPM Special issue on Modelling & Applied Simulation in Industry and Industrial Logistics is based on collection of best papers to be submitted and presented at the multi-conference I3M 2008.

Authors intending to submit an article to this Special Issue should submit their camera ready papers to the multi-conference I3M 2008 (including EMSS 2008, MAS 2008, HMS 2008).



· Agent Directed Simulation

· Distributed and Parallel Simulation

· Simulation and Artificial Intelligence

· Petri Nets and DEVS Modelling & Simulation

· Simulation Software and Optimization Tools

· Soft Computing and Modelling & Simulation

· Discrete and Combined Simulation

· Agent and Service based on Modeling & Simulation

· Virtual Reality and Visualization

· Simulation based Optimization

· Decision Support Systems Applications

· Industrial Processes Modelling & Simulation

· Modelling & Simulation in Business Management

· Inventory Management Simulation

· Automation

· Logistics & Manufacturing

· Modeling & Simulation in Logistics, Traffic and Transportation

· Multimodal transports

· Emergency Simulation

· Supply Chain Risk & Vulnerability

· Maritime Training

· Automation Effects at Seaport Container Terminals

· Emergency Planning and Management


Note: for further information about topics please refer to the Tracks and Topics web page of each conference (EMSS tracks and topics web page, HMS tracks and topics web page, MAS tracks and topics web page).




The submission process for the Journal Special Issue will start after the selection of the high quality papers of the I3M multi-conference. Authors of the selected papers will be notified and requested to extend and improve their papers for journal publication. The submission process is completely online using the IJSPM submission system.

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The following are important dates for Submission, Notification of Acceptance/Rejection, Final Camera-ready version of the paper. (These dates are only for camera ready papers processed through the I3M 2008 review and submission process. Contributions submitted for the Special Issue without going through the I3M 2008 process will not be considered).


Submission of the article for review: September 1, 2008

Acceptance/Rejection notification: October 15, 2008

Final Camera-ready version: November 15, 2008

For further information please contact Francesco Longo