Track Description

The increasing competition in retailing, as well as the consumers’ awareness of products and firm prompted by current advances in new technologies push retailers to act faster decisions for achieving competitive advantages. The necessity of managing faster multiple retail channels, satisfy the diversity of demand, dynamic product assortment on shelves, etc. are emerging as critical issues for competing in both offline and online channels. Unfortunately, the success of these operations is frequently limited by consumers’ behavior (in terms of changeable needs, preferences, requests, etc.). Transaction simulation modules can be designed for predicting future behaviors and ensure dynamically adjusted solutions with the transformation of demand.

As a consequence, stores may become more appealing and more convenient in terms of time, place, offer and quality of service, while supporting managers to fast adapt their strategies.

Due to the large variety of problems and possible flexible solutions achieved by simulator, the aim of this track is to provide an integrative view of the current progresses in the field, by encompassing across different research areas such as operational studies, innovation and technology management, industrial engineering, production economics and computer science.

The track solicits original papers that contribute to our understanding of retail-oriented simulations models, in order to support retail process.

Submissions can focus on theoretical and applied research in topics including, but not limited to:

  • Simulation-based analysis for retailers’ assortment.
  • Agent-based simulation analysis for price decisions.
  • Simulation models to investigate diffusion and acceptance of retailing based on ubiquitous computing.
  • Multi-agent based simulation for studying market responses in new retail environment (both online and offline).
  • Simulation-based analysis of multichannel retailing.
  • Product simulations effect on purchase intentions.
  • Simulation models for integrating supply chain in advanced technology-based retail environment.
  • Case studies of simulation models in current corporate strategies for retail-oriented firms.

For further information please contact Eleonora Pantano.

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