Workshop Description

Combining the emerged advanced technologies (such as cloud computing, internet of thing, virtualization and service-oriented technologies, advanced computing technologies) and existing advanced manufacturing models and enterprise informationization technologies, a new manufacturing paradigm, cloud manufacturing (CMfg), is proposed and paid full attention by both industrial and academic communities. The workshop is devoted to exchange ideas about theories, methodologies, and technologies of cloud manufacturing, encouraging international collaborative research and demonstrations of current research in all areas of cloud manufacturing and its applications.The workshop deals with topics concerning Cloud Manufacturing (CMfg).

Topics of interest are as follows :

  • Architecture, models, standards and criteria for CMfg.
  • Intelligent perception, connection technologies and equipments for various physical manufacturing resource and capability, including hardware and software resource.
  • Resource virtualization and virtual resource management technologies.
  • Cloud service encapsulation technologies of manufacturing resource and capability, including cloud service modeling, description, deployment, and so forth.
  • Cloud service comprehensive management technologies, such as aggregation and classification, cost management, QoS (quality of service) management, integrated evaluation, composition, trust and reliability management, scheduling and optimal-allocation of cloud service.
  • CMfg task management, such as task definition, description, decomposition, evaluation, and scheduling.
  • Manufacturing capability and cloud service transaction process management.
  • CMfg user business management and ubiquitous interface development.
  • CMfg service platform development and management.
  • CMfg safety and security.
  • Cloud simulation.
  • Cloud scheduling.
  • High performance simulation.
  • Application of cloud computing in manufacturing and industry.
  • Big data.
  • Application of Internet of Things in manufacturing and industry.
  • 3D Printer technology.

Nevertheless different topics concerning Cloud Manufacturing are welcome.

For further information please contact Lin ZhangFei Tao or Simonluca Poggi.

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