EMSS 2017 Call For Papers

Simulation and Artificial Intelligence

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Track Description

Simulation relates function to structure. Intelligence swings between function and structure on different abstraction levels. Abstraction capability is what makes the human different in his context. Hierarchy is the syntax of abstraction. Human intelligence is more than adaptability extended to reason; it contains also intention and conscience; it needs the neighborhood of intuition, imagination, and inspiration that form together the human capacity of faith. The goal of the track is to understand and extend the role of simulation, together with discussing on intelligence and our duties to keep it human, to understand and develop towards real goals.

Topics list :

  • AI as Simulated Intelligence.
  • Knowledge Modeling and Simulation.
  • Intelligence Modeling and Simulation.
  • Modeling Consciousness to Simulate Intelligence.
  • Continuous Simulation.
  • Hierarchical Simulation.
  • Analog Intelligent Systems.
  • Mixed-Domain Simulation (Hard-Soft, Digital-Analog, Microsystems...).
  • Limits of Computability vs. Limits of Continuous Simulability.
  • Object-orientation vs. -orientation.
  • Object-oriented High-Level Design Languages, Techniques and Simulation.
  • Object-orientation in Circuit & Systems Simulation.
  • Symbolic Circuit & Systems Simulation.
  • Structural Modeling vs. Functional Modeling.
  • 3D Simulation.
  • Analog Modeling of Noise in Operational Amplifiers.
  • Symbolic Modeling of Active Filters.
  • Man-Machine Dialogue in Circuit Simulation.
  • Graph Theory for Artificial Intelligence.
  • High-level Performance Evaluation.
  • Quantum Computation vs. Continuous Simulation.
  • Single Electron Technology.
  • P-Systems.
  • Simulation of Bondgraph-represented Systems.
  • Reconfigurable Hard-Soft Systems.
  • Expert-Systems for Analog Behavior.
  • Parallel Hard-Soft Simulation.
  • Architectures for Intelligent Systems.

Nevertheless different topics concerning Simulation & Artificial Intelligence are welcome. Authors are kindly invited to include in their papers and presentations all the research works, case studies and application both theoretical and applied.

For further information please contact the I3M Program Chair.

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