EMSS 2017 Call For Papers

Modeling and Simulation in Photonics Science and Industrial Technologies

Brief description

Photonics sciences and industrial technologies play a vital role in modern information and telecommunication systems, especially in promising high-speed telecom networks with all-optical processing and quantum key distribution. Besides, recent year’s developments of RF and microwave fiber-based and integrated photonics are finding a different application in novel local-area telecom systems established on radio-over-fiber technology, microwave and millimeter-wave wireless telecom means, and vetronics industrial applications. One more interesting field for photonics-based devices is large-scaled integrated circuits with optical interconnects. In the session, we welcome oral or poster contributions dealing with the modeling and simulation methods, approaches, and results referred to updated photonics and RF-photonics circuits, devices, and systems in the above-mentioned fields, especially in integrated implementation.

For further information please contact Prof. Alexander S. Sigov  and  Prof. Mikhail E. Belkin

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