EMSS 2017 Call For Papers

Advanced Models and Applications of Logistics & Manufacturing

Track Description

The track is dedicated to research papers on theoretical analysis and applications concerning logistics and manufacturing. This track is a forum for presenting results of the international research and development work dealing with applications of optimization methods of the entire production system over the whole product and processes life cycle, from the design, through the manufacturing and maintenance, to the distribution and service. The simulation modelling offers logistics and manufacturing companies the ability to visualise, analyse and predict the impact of suggested changes, prior to implementation.

Topics of interest include :

  • Logistics and Manufacturing Management.
  • Supply Network Logistics.
  • Production and Service Systems Modelling Simulation.
  • Reverse Logistics Modelling.
  • Logistics Applications.
  • Remanufacturing Modelling.
  • Scheduling Models in Manufacturing Systems.
  • Management Strategies.
  • Mathematical Modelling.
  • Inferential Modelling.
  • Design and Analysis of Experiments.
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing.
  • Modular Simulation.
  • Line balancing methods and tools.
  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics for Production Systems.
  • Integration of different simulation models.
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Modelling and Applications.
  • Logistics modelling in production system simulation.
  • Resource allocation optimization.
  • Environmental Sustainability and Green Logistics.
  • Logistics in Service firms.
  • Logistics Planning and Control Models.

Nevertheless different topics concerning “Advanced Models and Applications of Logistics & Manufacturing” are welcome.

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