HMS 2016 Proceeding

Towards an instructional design method to develop M&S supported port management instructions

Authors:   M. A. Balaban, F. Parise, T. W. Mastaglio


There are benefits to teaching complex systems using modeling and simulation (M&S) because learners can interact with system representation and conduct experiments that reveal system?s behavior. Teachers can use M&S as a backbone of instructional activities, making them more interesting, motivating, and effective than traditional teaching strategies. Although many generic approaches to designing instructions are available they do not always provide the detailed guidelines for designing specific instructional activities supported by M&S. This paper reports on efforts to create an instructional design method (IDM) focused on the Scalable End-to-End Logistics Simulation (SEELS) M&S environment with port management as the subject of instruction. The concepts applied in the proposed IDM can be generalized for M&S-supported learning approaches. IDM will aid instructional designers define instructional content and determine their strategy for developing engaging and effective instructional material supported by constructive M&S.

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