HMS 2016 Proceeding

Multimodal freight transport model for infrastructure analysis

Authors:   R. Rios-Prado, D. Crespo-Pereira, A. García-Del-Valle


Nowadays the improvement in transport infrastructures involves big projects with important investments. If a correct analysis of this new infrastructure is not made, the return on these investments will be affected and a significant increase in costs may occur. In this paper a complete conceptual model is proposed in order to analyse a new service or infrastructure and to establish the conditions to make it profitable. This model allows to obtain the use that the freight flows do of a transport system, taking into account different levels of resolution, like long and short distance travels. The variables of the model allow to make the analysis of the system from different points of view flows, times, costs, etc. The model also takes into account the multimodality of the system, due to the importance that this characteristic has in the development of new infrastructures.

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