HMS 2016 Proceeding

Simulation research on seaport fairway capacity and its promotion measure: a case study of Jingtang port area in China

Authors:   Q. Tian, Z. Guo, W. Wang, Y. Peng


This paper aims at solving the problem of how to improve the fairway through capacity for Jingtang port area in China. The problem is figured out by building a simulation model of the ships? navigation operation system. First of all, the model is constructed based on the Rockwell Arena software to simulate how the port is operated with the increasing number of arrival ships. Then, the total annual tonnages of ships when the fairway reaches the through capacity can be obtained. After that, we use a method of changing navigation rules (from one-way to two-way) for the ships with a tonnage of not more than 50,000 tons to see whether the fairway through capacity can be improved. Finally, the results show that the fairway through capacity can be promoted by changing the navigation rules by 13.7%, which prov ides a theoretical foundation for fairway construction and management of Jingtang port area.

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